Senior Camp (3-5 Years)

Senior Camp for children ages 3 to 5 includes the following major activities: Montessori along with arts & crafts, daily pony rides, gardening, outdoor play and free swim.

Children start their day on the playground every morning. Children will experience pony rides, free swim, morning snack, Montessori class time and art.  Children will also have the opportunity to help with the garden and be able to sample the vegetables during snack and lunch time.

While at the pool, we encourage all children to swim.  Our goal is for the children to be willing to jump in and get their face wet!  Not all are always willing; we will help them to become comfortable in and around the water.  Our goal for the younger children is to be able to jump in and swim to the ladder without help from the staff (while wearing a life vest, of course.).  For the older children, we work on being comfortable swimming under the water and learning to swim without a life vest.  Parents must sign a form giving permission for a child to take the swim test and be able to swim without a life vest. Children may choose to swim, play at the water tables or sit and talk with a friend.


Please contact us for more information about our programs.


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