Toddler Program

Dr. Maria Montessori consistently told her teachers or directresses to “Follow the lead of the child.” Therefore, as we look at two year old children, we see the following:

  • Two year olds are in the process of mastering their own environment. Learning to wash their hands, to scrub a table, and to button buttons gives them a sense of some control over their environment.
  • Two year olds are physical beings. Movement is very important at this age, and children move a great deal both inside the classroom and outside on the playground, promoting development of fine motor and large motor skills.
  • Two Year olds are capable of so much learning individually and socially. The Montessori materials are presented in individual and small group lessons. There is a large group lesson each day in addition to the daily group music lesson.

Our Two Year Old Program consists of the following:

  • A Safe, Nurturing, Caring, And Warm Learning Environment
  • Practical Life Materials To Develop Fine Motor Coordination
  • Sensorial Materials to Train the Senses
  • Beginning Mathematics And Language
  • Science activities
  • Gross Motor Activities
  • Grace and Courtesy lessons
  • Daily Music Lessons
  • Art As a Choice During the Work Period
  • Fun Circle Times
  • Encouraging Independence
  • Developing Social Skills
  • Toilet-Trained Not Required
  • Class Size-15 Children
  • Child:Staff ratio max 6:1


Please contact us for more information about our programs.


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